In light of the current political climate, and in the interests of serving the forces of peace, love, and understanding, I’m now offering my services at a rate of 50% off.

To be completely transparent, I’m not sure how long I will continue this. It may be days, weeks, or months. I’m really unsure, I just know that I feel called to do this right now.

I now offer Skype consults along with in-person and phone readings! I also offer email for specific questions. You can find the drop-down menus below with times and prices.

Once you decide what you’d like, find it below and pay.

PayPal then sends me an alert and I will contact you via email to make arrangements. If you’re in the Denver area, you have the option of meeting with me in my office at The Cloisters, 2103 S. Wadsworth, Lakewood, CO – just south of Jewell and the Ford dealership on Wadsworth.

By phone, Skype or in-person

*Email consultations are also available! Same process; pay below, and email me your questions at*

Email Consultations


  1. I would lije to meet up with you says:

    My cousin Mandy said I should talk to you. I am also in denver area. She was visiting me when she was here last may. Let me know your rates and such. Thanks Michaelyn

  2. askdrding says:

    My bad, I didn’t see this until just now! Oops! I’ll be in touch shortly.

  3. Question about reading says:

    Please could I take an email to ask you a question about readings please

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