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    Blockade Runner, Not Like Rhett Butler

    askdrding | Current Events | Sunday, 29 July 2012

    Bonus: I also bring you the wreckage of what was once Eddie van Halen.


    So here I lounge, with a busted up Achilles tendon, bilateral plantar fasciitis and a resurgent case of bursitis in my hip.  What this means is that by law I must now watch 17 episodes of the following television programs, based on my Suddenly Acquired Right To Bitch Nonstop About My Goddamn Lumbago*.  I can also eat unlimited amounts of Werthers Originals, wear a sweater when it’s like 96F outside, and throw some cats atcho haid.


    Murder, She Wrote

    The Golden Girls

    Mystery! on PBS

    The Love Boat/Fantasy Island double header (counts as one show, I took a poll)


    Nah, seriously you guys.  I have writer’s block.  Write me some convoluted letters so I can tell you what to do.  FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES.


    *I don’t have this.  Yet.

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