High Res Tatooine, Y’all!

So no shit, there I was, on this girl geek culture website called The Mary Sue, when lo and behiney, I found this groovy post about this dude’s Star Wars mural that is also a hidden picture puzzle.

If you’re into such things, you should check out Ulises Farinas’ website and unleash hell upon your retinas.  Makes me wish I had one of those gigantic Mission Control-style monitors so I could better pick out what I think may be a homeless Shrek.

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2 Responses to High Res Tatooine, Y’all!

  1. epiphenita says:

    This would be so much easier if I had a sci-fi/fantasy guide. I know you’re going to be horrified but this is how sci-fi looks in my head. All the techno-crazy in one giant junk drawer of characters.

  2. askdrding says:

    Oh I get this! Take me to Tatooine, where I can frolick with homeless Shrek and hobbitses and Spock’s blue jersey! It’s all filed in my brain under: improbably wonderful merriment.

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