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Send Me Your Questions!

Hello, gentle reader. Back in the old-timey days over here at Ask Dr. Ding, I used to ride a ridiculously oversized Victorian bicycle and sport voluminous Mary Todd Lincoln crinolines and receive actual questions from actual readers about all sorts … Continue reading

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Lordy Lordy Look Who’s 40

That’s right, you’ns.  Dr. Ding is turning 40 tomorrow and I couldn’t be happier.  Why?  Read on, my gentle and very sexy readers. 1.  Finally, I will have a smokescreen for my pottymouthed, irreverent and curmudgeonly behavior.  People will just … Continue reading

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Dear Dr. Ding

Dear Dr. Ding, I am sad to hear of the current lack of inquiries requesting your idiosyncratic psychomological wisdomation on various and sundry issues of the mind, heart, body and soul. I could always use a bit of sarcastic wit … Continue reading

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Friday Diatribe

AskDrDing hasn’t featured a good, ole-fashioned Friday Diatribe in a long time. Sometimes I write best when I’m pissed off. And you know what pisses me off today? The following miscellany. 1. The startling revelation Cher is most assuredly not … Continue reading

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The Big Wiggy

Hells yeah. Dr. Ding and her beloved beyoncé are going to BarCamp in New Orleans next weekend. Okay, well mostly it’s The Beyoncé who’s going to that, because let’s face it, the only part of BarCamp that remotely appeals to … Continue reading

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2007 Reflections, 2008 Dreams

Dr. Ding never was too good at New Year’s resolutions; I make them all backwards and counterintuitive-like. Dr. Ding once made a resolution to eat a LOT more chocolate, and well looky looky…it’s good for you now! Cause and effect, … Continue reading

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