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Send Me Your Questions!

Hello, gentle reader. Back in the old-timey days over here at Ask Dr. Ding, I used to ride a ridiculously oversized Victorian bicycle and sport voluminous Mary Todd Lincoln crinolines and receive actual questions from actual readers about all sorts … Continue reading

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Oh Mah Gah, I’m Back Again

I haven’t been on this thing in a minute. Mostly because the few times I’ve gotten on here and opened a page, the intro lyrics to the old Highlander TV show would play in my head, in their entirety.  This … Continue reading

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Somebody Buy Me This

Oh my gentle GirlJesus™.  I found this gem over at List of The Day.  I want! What’s not to love?  Purple-haired aliens, mesh manboob shirts, and supergroovy space vehicles.  I immediately put it at the top of my Netflix queue.  … Continue reading

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Lordy Lordy Look Who’s 40

That’s right, you’ns.  Dr. Ding is turning 40 tomorrow and I couldn’t be happier.  Why?  Read on, my gentle and very sexy readers. 1.  Finally, I will have a smokescreen for my pottymouthed, irreverent and curmudgeonly behavior.  People will just … Continue reading

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Long, Weird Summer. Also Included: This Post

It’s been a long, weird summer.  First I quit a job that had become tiresome for so many reasons.  Then I accepted another job, took off a few weeks of planned vacation and professional conferences only to find upon returning … Continue reading

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Social(Media)Life™ Part Une: The Assless Chaps Years

Dear Unsuspecting Reader: Dr. Ding has some actual knowledge to lay on you. Yes. The kind of knowledge that doesn’t involve diabolical and insubordinate parlor butlers, drag queens, or silky-smooth religious blaspheming. For once. Today we’re talking about how Dr. … Continue reading

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