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My Frida Kahlo calavera. Don't freak, she's the shit.

My Frida Kahlo calavera. Don’t freak, she’s the shit.

It just occurred to me that some of you long-time readers (and god/dess bless you for staying!) may not know that I’ve got a YouTube channel over yonder. You can access my channel’s page here. You may wish to consider subscribing, or you may just wish to consider watching videos featuring all the exciting things you can do with refrigerated dough. And you know what? There are tons and tons of cool things you can do with refrigerated dough, turns out. So I really couldn’t blame you if you went over to my channel with the best of intentions only to find yourself hurriedly writing down all the ways you can make bubble pizza.

I’m including links to the latest couple videos I’ve made here and here.

In other news, it turns out that as far as video editing is concerned, my skillz suck donkey balls at 400psi. And I seem to grimace in a hoity-toity way in the stills. Working on it.

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